Portable Dehumidifier Dubai & Dehumidifier Dubai price.

CtrlTech offer Portable dehumidifier Dubai at very low price. CD-25L portable dehumidifier is specially designed for home application. This dehumidifier Dubai price is very competitive. This dehumidifier help to reduce humidity and hence remove bad smell, fungus, mold from your home.

Portable Dehumidifier Dubai & Dehumidifier Dubai price

Some of the Features of CD-25L Portabel dehumidifier Dubai.

  • CD-25L dehumidifier has capacity of 25 liter per day.
  • Dehumidifier has built in condensate tank of 5.5 liter.
  • This home dehumidifier has facility to connect hose pipe for continuous drainage.
  • Dehumidifier has automatic defrosting facility.
  • This dehumidifier in UAE has filter at inlet.
  • This dehumidifier in Dubai has built in humidistat to make its operation totally automatic.
  • Built in hygrostat show current room humidity continuously.
  • Dehumidifier provided with handle to move easily.
  • Dehumidifier provided with wheels.
  • Tank full indication.
  • Automatic stop when tank is full
  • Two speed selection; high and low
  • On/off delay timer.

Where you can know Dehumidifier Dubai price.

Easiest way is to contact CtrlTech at +971 50 1537113 or send email at sales@ctrltechnologies.com.


What is Dehumidifier or De-humidifier?

In simple word Dehumidifier is machine which removes moisture from the air & regulate humidity level and create comfortable living conditions that are inhospitable to dust mites, mold, mildew, and other allergens.

When people complain about humidity, for the most part they’re talking about relative humidity. Depending on temperature, air can hold a fixed amount of water vapor; relative humidity is the ratio of actual vapor in the air to this fixed amount. For example, at a temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius), one cubic meter (35 cubic feet) of air can hold about 18 grams (.6 ounces) of water. This would be a state of saturation, otherwise known as 100 percent relative humidity. That’s a lot of jargon to describe a level of humidity that, for many people, can feel extremely uncomfortable. When this humidity seeps into your home, it can make rooms feel stuffy and perhaps even smell musty. Beyond these superficial discomforts, too much humidity can have some more serious disadvantages, too. An overly humid home can lose its structural integrity, attract pest like silverfish and centipedes, and even make you sick.

At home 30 to 50% of RH is recommended. To maintain this humidity level at home, there are various types of Home Dehumidifier or portable dehumidifiers available in Market.  Some of the reputed brands of home dehumidifier or portable dehumidifier or basement dehumidifiers are Novita dehumidifier, Aerial Dehumidifier, Delonghi or De’longhi Dehumidifier, Ebac Dehumidifier, Frigidaire dehumidifier, westighouse dehumidifier, crown dehumidifier, Eva-dry dehumidifier, Bry-air Dehumidifier, Green Air Dehumidifier, Dri-eaz dehumidifier, danby dehumidifier, LG dehumidifier, soleus dehumidifier etc.

Dehumidifiers are mainly two type based on technology it use for dehumidification and that are:

1)      Refrigerant type Dehumidifier or Mechanical Dehumidifier.

2)      Desiccant Dehumidifier.

Based on its application dehumidifiers are classified into following categories:

1)      Portable Dehumidifier or Home Dehumidifier.

2)      Basement dehumidifier

3)      Industrial Dehumidifier.

4)      Swimming Pool dehumidifier.

5)      Commercial Dehumidifier.

In Next few articles we will try to find out answer for different questions like why do we need dehumidifier?, how dehumidifier works? , type of dehumidifier?  & How to select dehumidifier?

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