Industrial Dehumidifier

Industrial Dehumidifier CD-85L in Dubai, UAE.


Industrial dehumidifier are also called as commercial dehumidifier or heavy duty dehumidifier. These types of dehumidifier available from capacity of 30 to 1200 liters/day. We offer CD-85L industrial dehumidifier which portable type.


Commercial dehumidifier. Industrial dehumidifier.CD-85L is heavy duty industrial portable dehumidifier. This dehumidifier has rugged body made of high quality non-corrosive plastic which makes unit very light for easy movement. CD-85L industrial dehumidifier provided with control panel with LCD display. This LCD display shows set and actual humidity. UP and Down key provided on panel with which we can set required humidity level. Three LEDs are namely Purge, Defrost and Run are provided on control panel. When we switch On or switch off unit or Press purge button (marked as “P”) on panel, unit will flush out water from its reservoir. Defrost LED will light when unit getting defrost & Run LED will light when dehumidifier carrying out dehumidification. Control panel also provided with Time (denoted by “T”) which use to know total working hours of unit. Unit provided with removable handle and strong pneumatic wheels for ease of movement. CD-85L Industrial dehumidifier will suck air from air inlet at front side and through dry air from round air outlet at back side. Air inlet provided with removable air filter. Back side of CD-85L commercial dehumidifier provided with point to connect water drainage pipe for continuous drainage. Unit provided with 3 meter water pipe and 2.2 meter power cord.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD CATALOGUE: CD-85L Industrial Dehumidifier Catalogue.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MANNUAL   : CD-85L Dehumidifier Instruction Manual


This dehumidifier is suitable for Industries, Laboratories, Warehouse, Museum and Archives, Construction site etc.



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