Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier For Swimming pool SPD Banner


High humidity in indoor swimming pool is common problem which need to be address to avoid health issue and to avoid damage of property. SPD series dehumidifier for swimming pool is powerful unit to reduce humidity in pool area. SPD series swimming pool dehumidifier is ceiling or wall mounted type and available in capacity of 96 liters/day to 1200 liters/day.


Dehumidifier for Spa and swimming pool-1SPD Series Pool dehumidifier is easy to install and operate. This Indoor pool dehumidifier needs three connections which are Power, Drainage & controller. SPD dehumidifier provided with wall mount LCD controller which can be easily connected to main unit with help of special male-female socket. Body of SPD series spa dehumidifier is made of adopt steel structure, it is non-corrosive & it equipped with anti-cold bridge device to avoid condensation. Inlet duct equipped with G4 filter and Outlet duct provided with high efficient and low noised centrifugal fan. SPD series swimming pool room dehumidifier consists of high quality compressor. Unit is equipped with throttling device which reduces high pressure of liquid refrigerant coming from condenser and make refrigerant absorb heat under low pressure. Unit provide with starting-up delay protection, shut down delay protection, high temperature protection and low pressure protection.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD CATALOGUE : SPD-136L Dehumidifier for Swimming Pool.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MANNUAL     : SPD-136L Pool Dehumidifier Manual


This dehumidifier is suitable for Swimming pool, Spa, Jacuzzi, Pump rooms, Industries, Laboratories, Warehouse, Museum and Archives etc.


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