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Dehumidifier for Indoor swimming pool.

Indoor swimming pool has always challenge of humidity control inside indoor space. High humidity not only make occupant uncomfortable but also it damages property. High humidity in indoor swimming pool area can damage your high value dehumidifier in Dubai UAEpainting, electronic equipment or damage wall paint and wooden furniture.

Dehumidifier helps to reduce humidity in indoor swimming pool areas and hence we need to consider budget for dehumidifiers while designing swimming pool.

Capacity selection for Swimming Pool dehumidifier.

To select capacity of dehumidifier our indoor pool we need to understand some basic facts. First is Humidity added in room are affected by following factors:

Pool Dehumidifier supplier in Dubai1) Swimming pool Area: Humidity in indoor swimming pool area is directly proportional to surface area of swimming pool since evaporation of water is directly proportional to surface area of pool. Hence while designing pool one should consider right size of swimming pool area.

2) Temperature of Swimming pool Water: High temperature always accelerates evaporation of water. If temperature of pool water is high then evaporation takes place at faster rate hence more humidity get add in indoor air . To counter this not only we need to select dehumidifier of high extraction capacity but also of high airflow also.

3) Number of occupants: If more occupant in indoor pool room then their body will add more humidity in area hence we need to consider maximum number of occupants at any given time in indoor pool area.

These area mainly three factory which one needs to consider while selecting dehumidifier for swimming Pool.

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